Dear TeslaXRace Community,

We are thrilled to announce that we are gearing up to take the first step in the launch of the TeslaXRace project! We invite you to participate in the initial token sale and would like to reward you w

  1. Early Participation Bonus:

For our valued players who join the initial token sale, we are offering a special early participation bonus to enhance the value of your investments. This bonus will increase your TXR token holdings, allowing you to progress faster within the game.

  1. Exclusive Beta Version Invitation:

Players participating in the initial token sale will gain access to the beta version of the game. This exclusive invitation will enable you to actively contribute to the development of our project and experience the initial versions of the game.

  1. Exclusive Modification and Cosmetic Gifts:

We will reward you with specially designed vehicle modifications and cosmetic items to make your vehicles stand out from other players.

  1. Event and Tournament Priorities:

As the first token holders, you will receive priority invitations to the events and tournaments we organize, giving you the chance to stand out within our community.

  1. Community Prestige:

With exclusive badges and avatars provided specifically to you, you will enhance your prestige within our community, distinguishing yourself among other players.

With these advantages offered to players participating in the initial token sale of the TeslaXRace project, we invite you to witness the success story of our project together. We have come together for an unforgettable digital racing experience, and during this special period, we eagerly look forward to growing and succeeding together with you. Thank you for your participation, and we can't wait to share the excitement of advancing rapidly together!

Best Regards, TeslaXRace Team

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