Stage 1: Project Initiation and Initial Token Sale

Step 1: Project Introduction

  • Official project introduction and the publication of the website.

  • Community-building campaigns are initiated, and social media accounts become active.

Step 2: Initial Token Sale

  • The initial token sale begins, offering exclusive advantages and gifts to early participants.

  • Completion of the initial token sale with the collection of community feedback.

Stage 2: Beta Version and Community Engagement

Step 1: Beta Version

  • Release of the beta version with exclusive invitations sent to initial token holders.

  • Feedback collection for the beta version, addressing identified issues.

Step 2: Community Engagement

  • Organization of community events and tournaments with special rewards.

  • Development based on community feedback to enhance the overall experience.

Stage 3: Game Launch and Continuous Improvement

Step 1: Game Launch

  • Official game launch, listing TXR tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • Hosting the first official tournaments with substantial prizes.

Step 2: Continuous Improvement

  • Introduction of new game modes, vehicles, and features.

  • Evaluation of player feedback to improve game balance.

Stage 4: Global Expansion and Innovation

Step 1: Global Expansion

  • Initiation of promotional and marketing campaigns in various languages and regions.

  • Organization of local tournaments and events, contributing to global community growth.

Step 2: Innovation and Technological Updates

  • Integration of next-generation gaming technologies and blockchain innovations.

  • Updates to the in-game economic system, addition of new rewards, and expansion of token use cases.

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